Ranunculaceae family


Plant Group




Herbs or climbers, leaves spirally arranged, lacking stipules, often dissected. Flowers usually hermaphroditic and actinomorphic. Perianth undifferentiated, or may have corolla of nectaries, stamens numerous, carpels free, fruit achenes.

Image of Ranunculus amphitrichus Image: Mary Ellis



Climbers, leaves simple or 1-3 times divided, leaflets ovate or lanceolate; flowers in axillary panicles, flowers of 4-8 segments, fruit an achene with a long tail bearing silky plumes.


Annual or perennial herbs, creeping, rhizomatous stoloniferous or clumping. Leaves are lobed or pinnately divided. Flowers are solitary and axillary and often on long stalks, sepals 3-5, petals 3-many in whorls, white or yellow, glossy, nectary near upper base, stamens many, carpels free, fruit an achene with beak-like persistent style.