Asparagopsis taxiformis

Common name: 

Supreme Limu

Distribution (from Flora of Victoria):

Northern Australia to Rottnest Island (WA), Southern Queensland, Lord Howe Island, the Gulf region of SA [15]

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Distribution and ecological preference at Wilsons Promontory (if known):

Tropical/subtropical oceans1

Flower description:



Epilithic thalli. Mid to dark brown-red red algae, 10-30 cm high1

Distinguishing characteristics (within family/genus):

This species has long, plumose main branches that have branched laterals. Branches and ramuli (ultimate branches) are more slender than in A. armata. This species is monoecious (male and female reproductive parts are borne on separate organs on the same plant)1

Image of Asparagopsis taxiformis
Image of Asparagopsis taxiformis Image: Heroen Verbruggen
Conservation status:


1 Womersley, H. B. S. (1996). “The marine benthic flora of Southern Australia. Rhodophyta. Part IIIB, Gracilariales, Rhodymeniales, Corallinales and Bonnemaisoniales”. ABRS, Canberra.