Chaetomorpha unassigned to species

Common name: 

Distribution (from Flora of Victoria):
Distribution and ecological preference at Wilsons Promontory (if known):

Marine and brackish waters, rarely in freshwater. In salt marshes commonly forming extensive mats of intertwining filaments. Common intertidally either as scattered individuals or as clumps of filaments on exposed rocks or in pools. Often beneath other algae1

Flower description:



Green algae with uniseriate, unbranched, robust filaments1

Distinguishing characteristics (within family/genus):

This species has a thallus of unbranched filaments, filaments are usually robust and either erect with an elongate basal attachment cell or loose-lying without basal cells2

Image of Chaetomorpha unassigned
Image of Chaetomorpha unassigned
Image of Chaetomorpha unassigned
Conservation status:

Other comments:
This is only general information about the genus as this specimen has not been identified to species level

1 Guiry, M. D. in Guiry, M. D. and Guiry, G. M. (2014). AlgaeBase. World-wide electronic publication. National University of Ireland, Galway.; searched on 30 October 2014.
2 Womersley, H. B. S. (1984). “The marine benthic flora of Southern Australia. Rhodophyta. Part I”. ABRS, Canberra.