Correa reflexa

Common name: 

Common Correa

Distribution (from Flora of Victoria):

Wannon, Midlands, Victorian Volcanic Plain, Otway Plain, Eastern Highlands, Gippsland Plain, Wilsons Promontory, Snowfields, East Gippsland (DEJKMNPRSTVWXZ) also SA, Qld, NSW, Tas

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Distribution and ecological preference at Wilsons Promontory (if known):

Heathland and heathy open-forest1

Flower description:

Red and pale green2


Open shrub to 3 m2

Distinguishing characteristics (within family/genus):

Only Correa reflexa var. reflexa and C. reflexa var. speciosa are found in the Prom. Correa reflexa var. reflexa has pendent flowers, clasped between 2 bracts. Correa reflexa var. speciosa has erect to pendent flowers that are not clasped between 2 bracts1
Leaves are heart-shaped and hairy and in opposite pairs. Flowers are in tubular bells with four lobes2

Image of Correa reflexa
Image of Correa reflexa
Image of Correa reflexa
Image of Correa reflexa Image: David Meagher
Conservation status:

Not threatened


1 Walsh, N. G. and Entwisle, T. J. “Flora of Victoria”, volumes 2 (1994), 3 (1996) and 4 (1999). Inkata Press, Port Melbourne, Victoria
2 Meagher, D. and Kohout, M. (2001). “A field guide to Wilsons Promontory”. Oxford University Press, South Melbourne, Vic.