Genus Gahnia



Genus description: 

Saw-sedges have strap-shaped leaves sheathing round the stem and spirally arranged, tapering to a fine point. Leaf margins have very sharp bristles, the edges are like a saw. Flowers are cream in dark brown to black panicles. Fruit are hard nuts.

Gahnia clarkei
Common names:
     Brickmaker's Sedge
Image of Gahnia clarkei Image of Gahnia clarkei Image: David Meagher
Gahnia filum
Common names:
     Chaffy Saw-sedge
Image of Gahnia filum
Gahnia radula
Common names:
     Thatch Saw-sedge
Image of Gahnia radula
Gahnia trifida
Common names:
     Coast Saw-sedge
Image of Gahnia trifida