Genus Lepidosperma



Genus description: 

Sword-sedges are perennial sedges occurring in heaths and moist sites. Plants are tufted, spreading by creeping rhizomes. The erect stems and leaves are very similar in appearance and length, with all leaves basal and sometimes flatter than stems. Flowers are terminal panicles with the lowest bract sheathing the base of the panicle. The fruit is a nut, surrounded by 6 thickened whitish scales. The sword or rapier-shape of the leaves is the distinguishing characteristic.

Lepidosperma concavum
Common names:
     Sandhill Sword-sedge
Image of Lepidosperma concavum
Lepidosperma filiforme
Common names:
     Common Rapier-sedge
Image of Lepidosperma filiforme
Lepidosperma forsythii
Common names:
     Large-flowered Rapier-sedge
Image of Lepidosperma forsythii
Lepidosperma gladiatum
Common names:
     Coast Sword-sedge
Image of Lepidosperma gladiatum
Lepidosperma laterale
Common names:
     Variable Sword-sedge
Image of Lepidosperma laterale
Lepidosperma longitudinale
Common names:
     Pithy Sword-sedge
Image of Lepidosperma longitudinale
Lepidosperma neesii
Common names:
     Stiff Rapier-sedge
Image of Lepidosperma neesii