Phyllospora comosa

Common name: 

Distribution (from Flora of Victoria):

From Robe (SA) aound Victoria and Tasmania to Port Macquarie (NSW). Drift specimens known from Encounter Bay and Pennington Bay (Kangaroo Island)

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Distribution and ecological preference at Wilsons Promontory (if known):

Rough-water coasts in deeper pools and the upper sublittoral1

Flower description:



Brown algae with dark brown thallus 0.5-2 m long, much branched with a short, single stipe bearing long, flat, primary branches with dense, marginal laterals closely arranged along their length, with scattered vesicles. Mostly in one plane1

Distinguishing characteristics (within family/genus):

This species is distinguished from Seirococcus and Scytothalia by its habit (it has long primary branches bearing dense marginal rows of simple laterals), and the presence of vesicles1

Image of Phyllospora comosa
Conservation status:


1 Womersley, H. B. S. (1987). “The marine benthic flora of Southern Australia. Rhodophyta. Part II”. ABRS, Canberra.